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Recommended Applications:
Nourishing Cream  -  2 drops to 1/8 oz (3ml) facial cream
Blemish Treatment  -  1 drop applied directly to spot
Soothing Bath  -  6 drops dispersed in warm tub water
Revitalizing Lotion  - 3 drops to 1/4 oz (7ml) body lotion
Relaxing Massage  -  7 drops to 1/2 oz (14ml) base oil
Room Diffusing  -  6 drops will refresh and purify a room
Herbal Pillow  -  3 drops on cotton ball placed in pillow
INGREDIENTS:  100 % CCOF certified organic lavender essential oil.
Lavender  ( Lavandula officinalis )
is nature's most versatile aromatic plant, renowned for its soothing and nourishing benefits. Our certified organic essential oil retains all the energetic and therapeutic qualities of the original plant.
A walk through a lush lavender field on a pristine organic farm inspired the creation of Avalon Organic Botanicals. Our certified organic ingredients provide a remarkable spectrum of therapeutic, life enhancing benefits for a healthy body, mind and spirit.
Lavender Essential Oil  1 fl oz - 30 ml............$ 19.00   $ 12.95
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