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"After a severe food poisoning incident in December 1999, I have suffered with many medical problems related to colon, spleen, kidney, heart, lungs, and especially my liver.  I have been dealing with chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic rheumatoid arthritis, and dermatitis.  I've tried many treatments but nothing was able to treat my severe arthritis pain and swollen legs.  Since I discovered Podi Patch in June 2003,  I immediately started the recommended  30-days program.  Since then, I slowly recovered and  regained my energy back, no arthritis pain and swollen feet.  I am continuously using Podi Patch to maintain my well being. My family and friends are using the product  regularly as well."
T.L., Securities Registered Representative, CC, CA
"I have been a hairdresser for over 16 years now.  I am on my feet all day at work, and have hereditary arthritis.  I have been using Chinese herbal medication for it.  My arthritis improved, but my feet still ached.  I used Podi Patch and it actually helped.  I have tried a similar product, but with no results."
N.B., Cosmetologist, Paramount, CA
"My beloved late husband was suffering from liver cancer and he was in a lot of pain.  My friend sent me Podi Patch saying it may help lessen his pain.  So I tried it on him.  He loved them and we ordered 100 patches immediately after that.  I feel good knowing his pain was lessened."
L.D., Housewife, OS, MS
"I work for United States Postal Services as a mail carrier for many years.  A dog attacked and bit me several years ago, plus walking every day, I started to have constant leg pain.  My sister recommended Podi Patch,  which I hesitantly did.  Well, I am glad I tried it."
T.L., Postal Worker, LB, CA
"I use Podi Patch for bunion pain.  The first night I felt tingling in my toe joint and a drawing sensation in my leg.  I am convinced  something  in the poultice works  and  I bought  a  30-days program."

C.J, Massage Therapist, LA, CA
"I had been suffering from arthritis condition since my accident many years ago.  My doctors gave me different medications and treatments, but nothing really helped me completely.  I was still having a lot of pain everyday.  I heard of  Podi Patch from a friend who said it really works for her so I purchased some.  It actually relieved the arthritis pain in my body especially from my injured hip area.  I also feel I have more energy.  It is important to have my supply of Podi Patch ready."
P.N., Disability Recipient, JAX, FL
"My nutritionist recommended the Podi Patch to me.  I have suffered with chronic fatigue for years.  The first night I used them I had too much energy to sleep.  I did not connect it to the patch.  Second night, same thing.  I skipped a night and resumed.  Slept great!  I now have increased energy during the day.  My body had forgotten what energy felt like.  Thanks, Podi Patch."
P.D., Engineer, PV, CA
"After using Podi Patch  for 30 days, I no longer suffer from insomnia. "
J.G., School Teacher, LA, CA
What can I expect from using Podi Patch - Heaven ?
When you remove the used poultice the next morning you will notice a discoloration varied from the shades of brown to black.  Also it may have a wet, sticky texture to the patch after used.   

Is there a program I should practice to make sure I am reaching my optimum level of well-being using Podi Patch ?
For best result, apply 1-2 hours before bedtime and wear 8 hours minimum up to 12 hours maximum.  It is highly recommended to use Podi Patch  continuously until it turns into a light shade of brown.  Once you have reached that coloration you can continue a maintenance program of 1-2 applications per week.  A 30-days initial program is recommended for optimum benefits.
What shades of discoloration have been reported from the people using Podi Patch ?
We found the majority of people reported dark brown shades at first.  We have heard from some people with chronic conditions that had a very dark brown to almost black coloration after their first usage.  With continual use the shade of the patch becomes lighter in color. 
How should I feel after using Podi Patch ?
Most users reported feeling refreshed, more energetic, a lighter sensation, and circulation enhanced in their feet and legs.  Some common reports include feeling heaviness in the foot, tingling sensations, and electricity like energy pulling from the body toward the patch and fatigue for a few days.  Others report dramatic energy for several nights and then during the day.
If I experienced too much sensation during use should I continue ?
It is recommended that you do continue the usage.
Are there any harmful ingredients in Podi Patch ?
Podi Patch is not intended to cure or treat diseases.  Since it uses only all natural ingredients of the highest quality and purest grade, with no harmful substances, the product is considered safe. 
Should I consult my physician before using Podi Patch ?
People with medical concerns, if pregnant, nursing, taking any medication, or have any existing medical conditions, should always check with their physicians before using this product.
May I reuse Podi Patch if it has not absorb completely ?
No, you should use Podi Patch only once. Please discard the used patches with the adhesive bandage after use. 
Any other concerns using Podi Patch ?
Again, this is not a food supplement.  It is only for topical use with clean feet and should never be applied to open wounds. And remember always keep out of reach of children and pets. 
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